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• introducing various exhibitions over the years, here is a partial list of recent years:
2010 - Gallery "Amalia Arbel" photo exhibition in Tel Aviv TLV group
2011 - The white hand Ramat Hasharon group exhibition "Pioneers" Sorin Heller.
2012 - "Fragments of Memory" group exhibition on the Holocaust, Krieger Center for the Arts in Haifa.
2012 - Group exhibition "The Art of rural urban art", "The Advocate" in Tel Aviv.
2013 - Group exhibition "My Neighborhood" Ramat Hasharon.
2013 - Group exhibition "Open Studio decade" in 2013.
2013 - "Open Studio" - an exhibition in the artist.
2013 - Group exhibition "venue grenade" was curated by Adi Kothari.
2014 January - Tel Aviv Cinematheque group exhibition around the theme of water and sky.
2014 February - "Photo Tel Aviv in 2014".
March 2014 - The exhibition "Earth" at the Arts Center and Gallery Studies Aftr- Bearer, Ma'alot-Tarshiha. Accompanied by a catalog.
2014 March -FUSED Jewish home in San Diego US digital exhibition of Jewish artists, Christians and Muslims as part of the Jewish community, the Jewish Temple in San Diego, United States. The works of this exhibition maiden container poetry and digital art.
2014 Yoni - "To a tribute to Picasso," a group exhibition at the Art Institute of Bat Yam.
2014 Mai - unique photography project selected IEC - long-term exhibition.
2014 September - open studio.
2014 - DECEMBER Exhibition of Bread and Roses.
2014 - DECEMBER Exhibition for Women Haifa Port feminist organization.
2015 - During streams, historic photo exhibition IEC Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv
2015 - EXPUSURE AWARD work of Michal Alma selected and presented at the Louvre Museum in 2015 as part of Exhibit 13.7 Digital projection in which 191 countries were chosen from photos and digital papers. As part of the work will also be a special book soon takes Louvre Museum.

2016 - Solo exhibition "Twilight - United Moon" What 19/1/2016 until 19/3/2016 Holon Institute of Technology.,7340,L-4761113,00.html

2016 -  Kiryat Tivon - "changing landscape" group exhibition 14/04/2016 - 05/26/2016

2016 - MAY - wrote a 32-page magazine International ArtcluACTION the works of Michel Alma Markus

2016 - Digital work of Michal Alma was selected to participate in a group exhibition at the museum of photography in Tel Hai. Israel.

2017 - January Group exhibition at HaGoshrim for a year.

January - Https:// 2017 / "Table artists" .

2017 - Works for sale :

 2017 -  April 2007 - Prima Gallery Tel Aviv until July 31st.

2019  - Participating in the Israeli Pavilion catalog at Milan Design Week 


2019 - 2021 group exhibition "Somewhere in the Land of Legends" at the Bar David Museum 

2021 - Group outdoor exhibition "Closed Studio" on Bialik Boulevard in Ramat Hasharon

2023solo exhibition "Rooms beyond the limits of the eye" Tel Aviv Artists House